Factory Acceptance Tests

A factory acceptance test of new equipment is vital to a successful start-up of that equipment when it gets to your facility.
Don’t be tempted to skip the FAT, it is one the most important; if not the most important steps of the commissioning and validation process for a new production line.
Performing the acceptance test at the vendor’s facility is preferable for several reasons:

  • Easier and cheaper for the vendor to make corrections, modifications, or fix problems. They have all of their personnel, equipment, and supplies on hand to work with.
  • If the equipment is not going to meet specifications, you have the chance to reject it in entirety, and not have to deal with uninstalling equipment that isn’t going to work.
  • Knowing that the equipment was fully checked out and validated prior to shipment aids in the start-up process by eliminating a source of problems
  • Payment terms can be aligned with FAT success, so that you only pay the vendor when the equipment is successfully tested

5-Fold Technical Consultants can help you by conducting the FAT on your behalf.  Let one of our experienced, knowledgeable and highly technical consultants assess your equipment before it ships.

Inspection of the equipment for conformity to drawings, specifications, and other requirements

Static check-out of all mechanical and electrical systems

Dynamic testing of the equipment

Approval before shipment

We can conduct and FAT on many different types of industrial equipment, including:


Material Handling Systems

Packaging Equipment

Process Equipment

Industrial Automation Systems

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